July 30, 2013 Sharee Rice

What Would You Like Today?

The other day I was at a really nice little café and was really looking forward to having breakfast with a friend. The waitress came over, looking at us with a friendly smile and said, “what would you ladies like today?” When we walk into a restaurant, café, or any takeaway store, our reply naturally is to order something specific off the menu. We think, “what do I want, what is my request?”

That got me thinking about how we come to Jesus. In His time of ministry here on earth, He passed by people regularly with requests. When Blind Bart cries out to Jesus, Jesus comes to him and says, “what can I do for you?” Jesus was the menu that people came to. Bart, simply replies, “I want to see.”
He didn’t give a long-winded story of why he needed to see, or how much he deserved it. No beating around the bush, just a very specific request. Jesus responds and Bart receives his sight. Amazing! The miraculous unleashed at a request. What are my requests?

My mind then went to God and how He created the earth with short precise statements. “Let there be light,” and it was. I started to think about my prayers and how often we can rationalise why, how, when, and how important a prayer is but yet forget to just simply ask with confidence that He will provide what is on the menu.

The Bible tells us in Matthew 21:22, “whatever you ask for in prayer believing, you will receive.” Matt 7:7 says, “ask, and it will be given to you.” To me both of these scriptures are encouraging us to boldly come and simply ask.

When we go to a cafe and order from the menu we have an expectation that we will receive what we’ve requested. It is no different when it comes to Jesus. Let your prayers be bold and straight to the point. He has a smorgasbord full for you to choose from. Pray specific prayers. God is expecting you to ask.
“You do not have, because you do not ask God.” James 4:2

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