What is sharing Jesus confidently about?

In 2020, Ps Sharee Rice had a God-given desire to create a resource that would equip the Church, Life Groups & Individuals to be able to share the Gospel with confidence. As she began to pray, think & write, she created the book Sharing Jesus Confidently”.

Sharing Jesus Confidently is a book that equips people with the necessary tools to be able to share the Gospel with others.

The book is filled with tips, practicalities, and simplistic, yet biblical methods. Sharing Jesus Confidently teaches how to share God’s story simply, and how to intersect His story with your own personal journey.

From there, it moves to a place of understanding what the Holy Spirit’s role is when you share the Gospel, and what your role is in the lead up & while sharing.

Finally, the book lands with a chapter that is all about overcoming fear, and common obstacles that withhold people from sharing the good news about Jesus. 

So don’t wait any longer, start growing in your knowledge to “do the work of an evangelist” today!