January 2, 2014 Sharee Rice

Break the silence.

My last post was about the power of words and how all words have incredible power.  Words are the framework that we base our values on and result in who we are today. Words form who we become.

In the same way I want to focus on the power of unspoken words.
Have you ever had a thought about someone and thought I should tell them, but throughout the busyness of the day it slipped your mind? Or maybe you decided that they don’t need to hear it, that it would only build their ego. Or maybe you thought it would reflect badly on you. There are countless reasons why we often don’t speak out. We know words have power and I believe that unspoken words have as much power as spoken words, to tear us down. Both spoken and unspoken words have the power to shape us.

I watched a little girl in the formative years of her life trying to get the attention, love and approval of her father. The father was busy on the phone when she approached him. Dressed in her favorite dress, dancing across the room, she arrived at his feet. She tugged on his shirt and whispered, “Daddy?” The father turned to escape the noise and she ran around him to get his attention. He again turned away and the little girl, amidst the echo of the loud phone conversation, walked away, shoulders slumped, with a tear in her eye and a shattered heart.
What she didn’t realise was she caught her Daddy’s eye while he was on the phone and he had thought to himself, “My precious princess. Isn’t she beautiful?” As a result of the father’s unspoken words, his little girl was filled with disappointment and discouragement without a word being said.

As soon as he was off the phone he raced to find her, swept her off her feet and whisked her into the air in his arms. He said over and over again, “My beautiful little princess. Daddy’s little girl. I love your eyes, I love your smile, I love your cheeks, I love all of you to the moon and back.” Simple, playful, truthful and fun. Spoken and unspoken words are powerful. Silence can be destructive, I encourage you today not to just think encouragement but to speak it out. Break the silence, be constructive with your words, affirm, encourage, inspire and watch people come to life. Proverbs 18:21 says, “the power of life & death are in the tongue.” Create life with your words today!

Your encouragement could change someone’s life, bringing hope and encouragement. Don’t leave it until it’s too late. Hebrews 3:13 says, “Let’s encourage one another today, while it is still today.”

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  1. Linda

    Great reminder of the opportunity we have to encourage others. Encouragement is so important in being able to reach our fullest potential but often we find ourselves encouraged only by reading the word and praying. This is enough but to be encouraged by our friends and peers carries so much weight and makes life so much more enjoyable. Be encouraged Sharee because the plans you have are coming to pass before your eyes and Jesus is the author and perfecter of your faith. Love always xx

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