May 5, 2014 Sharee Rice

Body Armour

I have had such a great time this past couple of weeks riding motorbikes with some new friends in Florida on terrain that’s different to what I’m used to.  On one particular day we were riding through incredible amounts of sand.  I was slightly intimidated because the bike drifts in the sand and is harder to handle. Usually I would approach a situation like that with confidence and boldness. However, because I am travelling in the US, I don’t have all my armour that I would usually ride with. As a result I was riding with some hesitancy. To commit to certain terrain and approach the jumps and turns with confidence was difficult. I had an underlying fear of falling off the bike and suffering a serious injury. I did have a helmet on but no body armour, and not the right boots. If I had all my gear I know I would approach the riding with confidence and boldness.

This got me thinking about our faith journey, the many terrains and unknown tracks we take, and how Paul encourages us in Ephesians 6:11 that we are to “put on the FULL armour of Christ, not in part but in whole.” Armour allows us to approach the terrains of life with confidence. Wearing only part of the armour makes us susceptible to attack or injury. The helmet protects the head, but without the body armour your vital organs are at risk of injury.

However, when wearing the full armour, you’re empowered, protected and can have confidence. Further to that verse 11 tells us that we should “put on the whole armour of God that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the enemy.” This armour is not only for protection, but it gives you the strength to stand and brings longevity to your faith journey.
You can have confidence to approach your faith journey in any terrain, through the bends, jumps, ditches, sand, mud and rain. These are inevitable, but if you have the right armour you can confidently and boldly come through it without hesitating.

Be sure to be equipped and wear the full amour on the journey of faith! In any terrain or attack, you are protected and will be to stand and remain.

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