In the middle…

After many thoughts and conversation about seasons, a friend of mine reminded me,It takes faith to step out, but it can often take more faith to stay. It was a statement that has echoed over the past couple of days, as my reality. Faith is the great beginning, but staying in faith is harder. One word from God moves us to action in faith; we share that with others, and it’s here the excitement and expectation begin. We step out in faith; with people are around us, cheering us on, creating an atmosphere of faith, excitement and energy. This is where we start; we start with the end in mind, the finish line. There are people yelling and screaming with greater faith, expectation, excitement and passion. We can see ourselves living the dream like Apostle Paul says, finishing the race, crossing the finish line, and with satisfaction, revelling in the glory of the moment.

I am not sure what you’re currently in the middle of, or what you’re looking forward to the end of, but maybe you started this year with a goal in mind, losing weight, reading your bible, attending church or maybe stepping out in faith in the area of finance. Whatever it is, we have all been there but somewhere between this glorious end, and the excitement of the beginning there is the middle. What feels like the middle of nowhere, the middle of somewhere, the middle of here and there. It is in the middle where there is a silence, no atmosphere, excitement or passion, either from those who were there at the start or you. It’s the middle where reality kicks in, and where the loudest voice defines your end. It is often where people get discouraged and give up or walk away.

So what is the loudest voice in your life? The two most common are theirs and ours. However John 10:27 says,my sheep hear my voice. This is our advantage, we can hear His voice. The voice of God is in the middle, often a voice of comfort, encouragement, affirmation, affection and peace. Unfortunately all too often our voice, our mind, speaks loudest when in the middle. It requires intentionality, great faith and self-discipline to turn down the volume of the voice in your head, to actively hear His voice, and by faith, to bring your voice into alignment with His.

It is here where you decide between the pain, the pain of self-discipline or the pain of regret. I believe God wants to you to finish what you started. Your bible plan, financial plan, your faith step requires you to stay faithful in the middle, hear His voice in the middle. To remain with greater faith and expectation. Don’t live in the pain of regret from stopping or quitting. Luke 11:28 says, Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and keep it! Let the loudest voice be His, defining your beginning, middle and end.

“Let us keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, on whom our faith depends from beginning to end.”
Hebrews 12:2