Access points

After getting over an injury, I returned to training over the past two months. During an exhausting training ride and run session with a friend the other day, we ran past a front yard with a sprinkler running. It was a 35-degree day my friend was extremely hot and exhausted, she said “I just want to run under that sprinkler”, so I dared her to jump the fence. To my surprise she did, next thing we hear “hey, what are you doing?” she replied “just grabbing some water”, as she was soaking under the sprinkler, we heard again “hey, what are you doing?!”. Clearly my friend was not welcome to help herself to the water from the sprinkler, no matter how hot or thirsty, the message was loud and clear. Jumping over the fence, we continued on the run.

As we ran, the story of the woman at the well came to mind; the woman finds Jesus at the well experiences refreshment that changes her life. John 4:13-14 says, “Jesus is the living water, that whoever drinks of water will be refreshed, and never thirst again”. What a thought, what a claim. The story continues and the woman has an exchange with Jesus, He speaks into her life, brings hope, faith and encouragement. He reveals the truth of his identity to her and in one encounter He literally changes her life, future, past and present.

Some times life can leave us needing and desiring refreshment. We can get so busy running from thing to thing, that we become exhausted and need access to water. Often there are people around us that thirst for more than this world can offer. What the woman at the well experienced, was the thirst quenching refreshment that satisfied and refreshed like nothing in this world could. It’s encouraging to know that, “Jesus is the source of living water”, He encourages us, loves us and brings a sense of hope and expectation for the future, an experience of faith in our reality. Many of us are very aware that “Jesus is the hope of the world”, yet forget that “He lives in us” Gal 2:20. Therefore we, you and I are a source of living water! We have living water, free for all, a tap of un-ending access.

Our training session come to an end along side the local golf course that day, as we passed we noticed it had huge sprinklers running, with free access to water, not only that a gate to enter in. My friend made sure she made the most of the free access to not just one sprinkler, but two very large sprinklers, a cooling and refreshing moment allowing her to finish the last kilometer. It had me thinking, if I am an access point to living water is my tap accessible? Is my yard accessible? Or do I have the fence up so high no one can get to it? I don’t want to be the yelling neighbour with the unapproachable yard, because one encounter with this living water not only refreshes, but also can change a person’s future, past and present. Today there is some one in our work places, our schools, communities, and mothers groups, families that needs an exchange with Jesus. You and I are access points for people to encounter Jesus, a place of refreshment for those who are thirsty. Let’s ensure we are accessible, and lets be generous to those who thirst for living water.

Proverbs 11:25 “The generous will prosper; 
those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed.”